What if Game of Thrones was made in India

Artist Vishal Dutt’s rendition of Game of Thrones is just unbelievable. Comment if you want to see a show as good as GoT in India.

  1. 1 Ned and Catelyn Stark aka Net Ram and Kateeli Stark

    What the actual f! Don't they look like Indians? 

  2. 2 Daenerys Targaryen aka The Dragon Queen aka Khooni Dulhan

    Our Khaleesi looks dope in red saree.

  3. 3 Arya Behen

    The girl with no name aka Dora the explorer

  4. 4 Khal Drogo or Kali Durga Parsaad

    This guy looks straight out of Indian GOT ripoff caricature of Drogo. I am pretty sure I have seen this look in a meme from Indian television show.

  5. 5 Oberyn Martell or Tiger Shroff?

    This Kalaripayatta though.

  6. 6 Red Woman Aka Radhe Maa

    I am confused. Is it really Radhe Maa?

  7. 7 Lord Varys or Chanakya?

    Varys' death hit me hard but is it possible that GOT and Chadragupta Maurya was in the same period and Varys was Chanakya?

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