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What It’s Like To Be A Woman: A Controversial Photo Series Exploring The Lack OF Boundaries For Women In Everyday Life

Being a woman is tough. The continuous waves of emotions, the pressure of being presentable at all times, and patriarchy keeping women down makes them feel weaker than men.

We’ve witnessed many women speaking out against patriarchal societies and breaking the stereotype but we can’t say that this has helped women everywhere. There are millions of women facing many problems in their respective fields just because they are female. And this is exactly what photographer Allaire Bartel have tried to demonstrate through her photographs. 


Inspired by the theme “boundaries” in the Young Photographers Alliance Mentoring Program, Allaire a Pittsburgh-based photographer created a photo series that captures the oppressiveness of male entitlement that women feel every day.


With her photos, Allaire tries to demonstrate that the oppression of women can be seen and felt in everyday life as well in addition to the extremely isolated incidents such as rape and physical abuse. 


In the photos, we can see a woman engaged in an everyday routine like being at work, out for a drink, or simply walking down the road on her own.


We can also see a male arm in each picture grabbing her body parts and yet the woman has a blank expression on her face. This represents how women are forced to accept it and move on with her life.



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