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What Would World War III Look Like

Our world has endured two world wars. Lost millions of lives while thousands were disfigured. It led many countries to separate while some grew bigger and stronger. Though it is just fiction that there is another world war heading our way, looking at the current scenario, it might actually be a possibility. 

Looking at the president of the United States Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, and seeing how they’re so eager to showcase their power to the world, the line of peace in the world is getting thinner. 

What would happen if World War III broke out? Who would win? How many lives would be lost and what kind of damage would it cause? We can’t really tell the exact figures but of course, it would be in millions and more. Here are some predictions of what would World War III look like.

1. Cyber Weapons


We know how technologically forward many of the countries in the world are today. They can destroy lives with just a click of a button. So this might not be new to learn that these countries are capable of building some insane cyber-weapons that could put an end to the world. And with the advancement in technology and the current scenario of the world, we might not be very far away from cyberwar taking place.

2. Drones


To be very honest, the biggest threat, if WWIII takes place, will be of technology. Due to the advancement in technology, it is sure that there will be plenty of highly efficient and technologically advanced AI systems that can perform any task without much hassle. There are already many advanced and highly equipped drones available today. And in the future, there will be drones that can easily track, identify, and engage targets. 

3. Highly Equipped WMDs


Another thing technology could create is highly equipped weapons of mass destruction (WMD). We all know that these countries have access to some of the deadliest weapons ever made and with the help of AI and technology, they can create weapons that might wipe out the entire living beings.

4. Conventional Warfare


In addition to all the cyberwar, there is a high possibility that the WWIII might also have conventional warfare. The military forces of all the big and powerful countries are well trained. This means not only cybermunition but they are also ready to get down to the field and get their military force, conventional weapons and military tactics to work. 

5. Mass Surveillance


Due to the highly developed technology, it will be very easy for the government to monitor every move that anybody makes. It will allow them to track anything including individual faces and their ids. This helps them to correctly target their enemies and provide accurate targeting for the highly equipped devices they use. 

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