Why is Bhagat Singh Young India’s Hero?

India has been the land where some of the supreme individuals were born. The country have formed the utmost kings, queens, poets, scientists, artists, saints, revolutionaries and freedom fighters.

The revolutionary freedom fighter, “Bhagat Singh” was born on 27 September 1907 at Banga in Lyallpur district (now Pakistan) to Kishan Singh and Vidyavati.

His father and uncles Swaran and Ajit Singh were in jail at the time of his birth for demonstrations against the Colonization Bill implemented in 1906.

Singh’s family was the supporter of the Ghadar party and the politically aware environment at home helped incite a sense of patriotism in the heart of young Bhagat Singh.

At the age of 12, he visited the site of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the memory of which cut deep through his soul and triggered the birth of a freedom activist.

Later he became a member of many organizations and he started following Non-Cooperation Movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi.

Later when Non-Cooperation Movement was called off by Gandhi ji, Bhagat Singh isolated himself from Gandhi’s non-violent action and joined the Young Revolutionary Movement.

He was pursuing B.A when his parents planned to have him married. He rejected this suggestion saying that, “if his marriage was to take place in Slave-India, my bride shall be only dead.”

Bhagat Singh is considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of Indian Nationalist Movement.

He became involved with numerous revolutionary organizations and played a significant role in the Indian National Movement.

But sadly, 87 years ago on March 23, 1931; one of the greatest revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was given the death penalty by the British Colonizers.

Though he died young, at only 23 years of age, his actions inspired the youth of the nation to fight for the nation’s freedom.

The day he along with his associates Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru were executed is celebrated as Martyrs’ Day throughout the country.

His ideology was completely different from others. He followed atheism and widely proclaimed it. Also, prior to him none of the revolutionaries or freedom fighter had conceived the idea of what would be our post-independence society.

He made the supreme sacrifice when we were not divided on social, religious lines or political lines. We still see him as an idol of selfless living and no one has the right to snatch our rich heritage.

Bhagat Singh intented to change the unjust system which prevailed in the society then. He envisioned India to be an inclusive and all-encompassing nation.

His idea of freedom was not confined only to the freedom from the British, but freedom of our men, women and children from exploitation, socio-economic disparities and poverty that existed in the society.

He is one of those few personality which is honored and cherished by both India and Pakistan.

Here are below 5 reasons on why Bhagat Singh is India’s Young Hero

Dealt with Blind Faith

India is a country with different cultures and religions. Bhagat Singh believed that following one’s religion blindly was not a good idea as this would confine an individual and curb their development.

Young people these days are open to make friends with anyone and everyone. The world today is becoming a smaller place to live and intercultural differences are not ruling the minds of people.

With this philosophy of Bhagat Singh, India has definitely been a better place to live with shared harmony being widely established.

Effective Communication

During the times of Bhagat Singh, he had limited mediums to communicate with his country people. Despite having limited mediums, he made sure that his ideas reached far and wide.

Today generation has taken a lesson from this and is open about communicating their ideas and feelings with everyone easily and comfortably.

The world today is becoming a smaller place to live with the mediums of communication having increased drastically over the years.

Think Big

Today kids as exposure to everything they wish to. But Bhagat Singh was born in times when kids had very little exposure as compared to today.

However, he still managed to come up with ideas that he thought would help the country to become free from British – slavery.

He openly shared ideas with his country people and encouraged others to follow the same.

Today’s young people surely appreciate this idea of Bhagat Singh. They believe in coming up with new different novel ideas and does not hesitate in sharing these with others.

We cannot deny the fact that India is making great advancements and reaching new heights with every passing day.

Embrace and Accept Changes

Bhagat Singh believed that people should be able to face the confusions and different circumstances that comes in one’s life and not be bothered and tensed by it.

He believed that these situations made life worth living and enjoying.

This philosophy has been taken quite seriously by the youngsters of India. They do believe in their dreams and work their way to achieve them.

They are not afraid of any challenges and are willing to accept and face whatever comes in their road to success. And surely this is the secret behind the growth of the country.

Always believe in yourself

Bhagat Singh said that one should not depend on others and should believe in oneself to succeed in life.

The young generation today is quite serious about completing their tasks themselves and facing the difficulties that come in their way themselves.

They believe on no one other than they themselves can do it and this is what is propelling India to newer heights.

Bhagat Singh cannot be confined to being a man who sacrificed his life for his people and country.

He is an idea that continues to live, as he once stated “It is easy to kill individuals but you cannot kill the ideas. Great empires crumbled while the ideas survived.”

A salute to the martyr who sacrificed his life for us to breathe the air of freedom. These heroes will always be remembered with a smile on lips and courage in our heart.


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