Why is Lord Brahma not Worshiped?

Lord Brahma, being the creator of universe and every living being on earth is not devotionally worshiped

One of the most curious questions ever asked about Hindu Dharma is “Why is Brahma not worshiped? Why is Brahma not as devotionally worshiped  as Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu?

The number of temples devoted to Brahma is also very few in comparison to that of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu all across the world.

The question remains why.

Lord Brahma

In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is the first god of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity of Hinduism consists of the three most powerful Gods i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Out of these three gods, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are worshiped in almost all parts of the world where Hinduism prevails.

However, for Lord Brahma, this is not the case. Lord Brahma is the creator of universe but still there is no particular day dedicated for him.


Lord Brahma also does not have any form of reincarnations nor does he have temples having his idol.

Lord Brahma is the creator. All the living beings on this Earth are said to be originated from Brahma. He is the god of wisdom and all four Vedas are trusted to have originated from his four heads.

What Does Brahma Look Like?

Lord Brahma has four heads and it is believed that through these heads came the four Vedas. Vedas are the most ancient religious texts for Hindus.


Some also believe that the caste system was or the four varnas came from different part of Brahma’s body.

However, in spite of having all these bona fides Lord Brahma is not worshipped by anyone.

Here are some of the reasons why Lord Brahma is not worshiped.

  1. 1 Curse of Lord Shiva


    According to the legends, there was an incident where Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma got into an argument about self-importance. 

    The argument was majorly about who was the most powerful amongst the Trimurti i.e. The Trinity. The argument got so heated that Lord Shiva had to intervene. 

    Lord Shiva then in order to rectify the situation took a gigantic form of a lingam made of flaming fire that went up the heaven and descended underneath the earth. 

    Lord Shiva told both Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma to find the end of light and whoever was able to do it, would be considered the most powerful. 

    Now in the search of the light, both Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma took different forms of a swan and wild boar respectively. 


    They stated their search of the end light. But their search was in vain. Both could not find the end. 

    Lord Vishnu realized this quite clearly that Lord Shiva is the greatest in the triad, but Lord Brahma refused to believe so. Hence, indulging in trickery, Lord Brahma decided to outsmart Lord Shiva. 

    Lord Brahma passed the ketaki flower and requested ketaki to tell Lord Shiva that he had seen the end light.

    Now, when ketaki was brought in front of  Lord Shiva, it falsely testified that Lord Brahma had seen the end light. 

    Lord Shiva knew that they were lying and got infuriated.  As a result, he cursed Lord Brahma that he shall never be worshipped on earth.  Alongside, the ketaki flower was also cursed that it shall never be used in any of Hindu worship rituals. 

  2. 2 Lord Brahma’s Foul Behavior


    According to a Hindu mythological legend, Lord Brahma created a female deity known as Shatarupa, the one who can acquire hundred beautiful forms. 

    The first view of Brahma to create a female deity was to aid him with his job creation. 

    Even though he created her, he became completely infatuated by her ethereal beauty. He gazed her wherever she went which caused her extreme embarrassment and awkwardness. 

    In every direction Shatarupa moved Brahma sprouted a head until he had developed four. As a result of unsolicited persuasions by Lord Brahma, Shatarupa decided to jump up high in the sky which led Brahma to have his fifth head. 


    It is also believed that in order to avoid the attention from Brahma, Shatarupa changed different forms. She became every creature on earth to avoid Brahma. 

    However, Lord Brahma unabashedly changed into the male version of whatever she was and thus every animal community in the world was created. 

    When Lord Shiva found out about this act of Brahma, he chopped his fifth head off for his unholy behavior. 

    Lord Shiva believed that Shatarupa was in fact Brahma’s daughter hence his behavior towards her was deemed completely ungodly. 

    Consequently, Lord Shiva reprimanded Brahma from demonstrating an incestuous behavior and cursed him that he would never be worshipped as god. 

  3. 3 The Maharishi’s Test


    In those times, great sage would gather at the bank of river Saraswati to participate in Mahayagya. There they discussed who they should offer Pradhanta, the master of Yagya.   

    Now, in order to test the capabilities to acquire Pradhanta, Maharishi Bhrigu decided to test Brahma first. 


    So, Maharishi Bhrigu went to Brahmalok and on purpose showed utter disrespect to Brahma.  In response, Brahma got infuriated and thought of punishing him. 

    But instead, Maharishi got angry and thought that Brahma is not worthy of being called “Supreme” or a “Deity” hence he cursed Lord Brahma to never be worshipped in Kaliyug. 

  4. 4 Lord Brahma is The Past


    If other mythological stories were to be believed, Lord Brahma is considered to be an exhausted energy. Lord Vishnu is active energy and Lord Shiva is the passive energy. 

    This means the work of Lord Brahma is done. He is the creator so he has already created the universe. As a result, he is the past now. 

    Lord Vishnu is the maintainer as a result, he is the present. And Lord Shiva, the destructor, is the future. 


    Now, in today’s kalyug (time), people mostly care about the present and the future and not the past. 

    In the aftermath, it can be clear that Brahma’s role as the creator is over. It is left only with Lord Vishnu to preserve the world and Lord Shiva to continue its path of cosmic reincarnation. 

    This psychology of people makes Lord Brahma left ignored. 


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