Five minimalist projects that are the way to save the future!

The Project 333 encourages the participants to use only 33 or less items for dressing themselves for a period of 3 months

It has been predicted that if the entire human population starts living like the average US citizen, as many as four Earths will not be able to hold the weight of the humans. In a time of such environmental emergency, various species of plants and animals are being forced into extinction due to human activities.

If a solution is not found immediately, the natural balance of the Earth will be disturbed, leading to climate change and devastation. We need to adopt a lifestyle that will make living in the Earth sustainable, one that can last for the long-term and uses the available resources wisely.

In recent years, the philosophy of minimalism is gaining popularity among people and helping people realize that minimalism is the path to take for a better future. The concept of minimalism is to keep only what is absolutely needed for survival and get rid of other material possessions. Having developed a habit of living in a fast-paced consumerist and commercial lifestyle, the initial change towards adopting minimalism night be quite hard.

Here are five minimalist projects that are the way to save the future!

1.Tiny House Movement

If you are one among the million millennials that dream of owning a house within the next decade, you must consider joining the tiny house movement. A Netflix original series called the ‘Tiny House Nation’ is one that you need to watch in order to understand the entire concept and why you should join in.

In this movement, simple living in tiny houses, mostly on wheels, is encouraged. While this is kind of house is perfect for traveling in, it also brings about a drastic amount of decrease in the amount of products one consumes and uses in the daily life. Rent costs are cut to zero for tiny households. Reduced consumption of energy and minimum production of waste is an added bonus that comes with living tiny.

2.Project 333

This Project encourages the participants to use only 33 or less items for dressing themselves for a period of 3 months. Through this challenge, people unclutter their possessions and realize how much more they own than they actually require. The motto of the project is to break the habit of excessive consumerism and ‘Be More With Less’.

It is a minimalist fashion styling challenge that has been gaining rapid popularity all across the world. These 33 items must include clothes, accessories, jewelries and shoes. The project not only helps you to tidy up but also save money by cutting expenses on shopping. Visit their website to learn more and join in!

3. Zero Waste Movement

Zero Waste Movement is a consumer led movement that believes in precycling, not recycling. This movement is challenging the convenience economy that produces waste in amounts unimaginable. Since only 9% of all plastic waste on earth has been recycled, it is not enough to recycle. The correct thing to do now is to produce as little waste as possible.

The Zero Waste Movement encourages people to produce little to no waste in their daily lives. Given the climate crisis that the planet is facing, it is no surprise that big companies and cities are joining the movement. Any contribution that you make to reduce waste is useful for the planet’s future!

4.100 Things Challenge (100TC)

This is an immensely difficult minimalist challenge where you own only 100 things for daily life use. The aim is to reduce, refuse and rejigger. You reduce your existing pile of stuff, refuse new stuff and rejigger life priorities.

The goals is the reduce the number of personal possessions (not the ones you share with friends or family) to 100 or less. The project is made to reduce consumerism and is a path to an easy to manage life. The less the amount of possessions, the little the waste produced and the better for the planet.

5.Minimalist Aesthetic Project

This project has less to do with the lifestyle part, but deals with the style aspect of the minimalist lifestyle. While people might think that the minimalist lifestyle has no room for looking aesthetically pleasing, there are ways to make your minimalist setting very aesthetic, minimally.

The project requires you to use the most simple and minimal of items as decor for your living space. Reuse of previously unused items such as hangers can be made for decorating purposes. Wall lighting that take up very little space and small hanging planters with house plants can help to increase the aesthetic of the minimalist life.


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