Why should you start watching Bojack Horseman?

Netflix has been releasing a lot of amazing series for some years now. For people who are looking for something more than just entertainment. If you’re looking for something that has substance as well, you should turn your head in direction of watching the series named ‘Bojack Horseman.’ People often have had their criticisms saying, ” I’m just not into cartoons.” Believe me I’m not either, but Bojack is a phenomenal series which talks about mental health issues in a very subtle way. It subtly hits you hard. Anyone going through phases of life can relate to the situation and the circumstances.

In the world of ‘Bojack Horseman’ animals and humans live among each other. The main character of the show is Bojack. He is portrayed as a middle aged depressed alcoholic. Bojack was a famous actor once who worked in a sitcom named ‘Horsin’ Around.’ After years of that stardom he seems to have lost his purpose of life. We can see that he is trying to find his path again. Other characters in this series constantly try to help him come out of his immense misery.

Todd is his quirky roommate, Diane is his ghostwriter, Mr. PeanutButter, his friend/ enemy along Princess Carolyn all try to help him come out of his existential crisis. 

And here are ten reasons why you should start watching Bojack Horseman:

1) The dialogue is commendable

The writers have mastered how to break our hearts in one seen and set us crying immediately with laughter in the next one. One of the iconic dialogues used in the show is, “in this terrifying world, all we have are the connections we make.” The writers of the show are amazing and even if Bojack goes on quirky adventures, the dialogues always leaves a deep and genuine impact. v

2) Celebrity Guest Stars

There are many celebrity stars playing themselves throughout the show. Those celebrities include Margo Martindale, Paul McCartney, Daniel Radcliffe, Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel, Paul Giamatti, Felicity Huffman and Zack Braff. 

3) It delves deep in topics and talks about serious situations

Bojack Horseman very delicately weaves serious discussions into comedic plotlines. Some of the topics that it has covered is regarding addiction, reproductive rights, gun control and even talks about terminal illness. The show never shies away from important issues and topics and the viewers are found to be quite invested once they have started watching the show.

4) Todd, being the best character of the show

The bromance between Mr. PeanutButter  and Todd is total goals. He’s hilarious, a kultz making a lot of mistakes but always tries to be a good friend to Bojack. We see a major character development through many seasons of the show and we come to realize everyone needs a friend like Todd. 

5) Makes fun of the celebrity culture

The show has been poking fun of different celebrities and the lifestyle that they live throughout the show. The show has a character who is a “Ryan Seacrest Type” who is considered an above average looking guy found in TV shows. It also talks about celebrities who have gone bad for worst and how all they all don’t live a glamorous life. Sarah Lynn, who was a co star and child actor also has a hard journey as she tries to battle her drug addiction in the show. Andrew Garfield is found to be the butt end of many puns and jokes in the show as well. 

6) It’s different from other adult cartoons

Many sitcoms have different story line for each episode. However, Bojack has a continuous story line. The story cannot be finished within twenty minutes of runtime and needs several episodes to make a strong storyline and not leave behind any details. It’s different from other adult cartoons like Family Guy and South Park in this reagards.

7) We can relate with the characters’s emotions

Many character found in the show aren’t human. But they reflect real emotions, affections and day to day problems that they go through and we can relate to them.

8) It’s a very engaging and rewatchable show

It’s my suggestion to watch Bojack again if you want to catch all the hidden animal puns. You will get a new insight to the show and start appreciating it even more. 

9)  The way depression has been portrayed is truly remarkable

The show is a mixture of both sad and hilarious things. Bojack denies his state of being depressed and he tries to fill his emptiness with alcohol, toxic lovers, drugs etc. He even works in a good show about the ‘Secretariat’ and receives an Oscar but the emptiness that he feels in within soul can’t seem to get wholesome. He tries to be good friend to everyone but he soon realizes that his friendship is just a manipulation to people he cares about. We as a viewer start understanding what depression is really like and the show doesn’t sugarcoat it. 

10) It’s a really fun show

There is a perfect balance of heavy content materials and light hearted comedy. Some major highlights of the show include Princess Carolyn’s boyfriend, Vincent Adultman. Vincent is clearly three kids in a trenchcoat and Princess Carolyn refuses to see the truth who is literally in front of him. Meow Meow Fuzzyface and Honeydew are other comedic characters of the show who have had many contradictions and arguments with Bojack. Along with that the show also has made proper utilization of puns and sight gags. There is newness found in each episode regarding the humor and new things are discovered.


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