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Yes, you can embrace your disabilities for Halloween

There are some photographs of people who have been seen to highlight their disability for Halloween.

Halloween has become an opportunity to embrace their bodies and celebrate despite their differences for many people.

There are some photographs of people who have been seen to highlight their disability for Halloween.

From Chicago a girl names April shared a photo of herself dressed up with the caption “Halloween is Christmas for us amputees.”

This photo has been up-voted more than 115,000 times on Reddit.

She also said that she has reached a “peaceful medium.”  She has accepted her body and she wants to “find every way to take advantage of it”.

People have shared their own examples as well.

One Reddit user wrote: “Since I have been missing half my right leg, Halloween has always been rough for me. In Halloween about two years ago I would lay on the floor on the front door in a pool of fake blood. My girlfriend would answer the door for trick or treaters with blood on her shirt along with fake meat cleaver. Reactions were indeed priceless.”


Another Reddit User said: “When older trick or treaters come, my mom who is a double amputee pulls her prosthetic arm off and run around with it.”


‘Legitimate limitations’

According to one Reddit user “A plucky attitude is not going to make up for a lack of wheelchair ramps. It’s true that a defeatist attitude can be your undoing, but there are legitimate limitations and challenges that don’t care whether or not you ‘let them be’”.

Josh Sundquist, who is a former Paralympian describes himself as a “Halloween enthusiast.” In order to celebrate his physique he has created a number of amazing costumes.

The US stand-up comedian dressed up as the genie from Aladdin this year. Disney animator named Broose Johnson was his inspiration who has two prosthetic leg.

The BBC reported he wore prosthesis as a teenager. “I didn’t want people to know I had one leg,” he said.

It was this acceptance of his body that enabled him to make his costumes.

He also said: “Without embracing the way my body is, it would be impossible.”

His Halloween costumes have become an eager and exciting events for his fans. His latest costume designs got cheers of “awesome”, “amazing” and “so creative”.

John, in 2013 decided to mix his creativity along with his evidently impressive upper-body strength to dress up as a flamingo.

A girl from Kent,UK named Toni who is 28 lost her eye a few years ago to cancer.

She has represented herself as the character of Carl Grimes. He loses his eye in the zombie-apocalypse show The Walking Dead.

She wrote: “I think humour helps with the loss [of my eye] as well as knowing I did the right thing getting it removed.”

She said to the BBC “I understood how little our appearance really matters.” Sharing this photo she wants people to confront their ideas about appearance.

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